Labradoodle Guardian Program


Our Breeding Guardian Program

Guardian Program

We are looking for local families(within 1 1/2 hours of Winston Salem NC) who are interested in a "pick of the litter" puppy at a fraction of the normal price. This puppy is part of the Guardians home forever, Majestic Labradoodles will retain the breeding rights to the dog for a specific amount of time.

The dog's breeding career is outlined in our contract and varies according to the needs of the dog and their new family. Once the dogs breeding career is completed the dog will be spayed or neutered at the expense of Majestic Labradoodles and then remain with the Guardian family forever.

All parties in the program benefit from being involved.

The dogs benefit from being raised in a loving family atmosphere , the Guardian family gains a top quality dog and a wonderful addition to their family, Majestic Labradoodles are able to raise puppies that are socially adept, happy, eager to learn, loving, and are ready to be a successful part of their new furever home.

Why be part of our Guardian family?

The Guardian family receives one of the very best puppies that we have to offer.

All dogs that enter our breeder program are selected based on having the best qualities to continue the legacy of the Australian Labradoodle outlined in the breeder guidelines with the ALCA. Selection is based on quality of coat, overall appearance, and temperament.

Each dog will undergo testing between 10-12 months of age to ensure they can be part of our breeder program. These tests include OFA screening hips , elbows, patellas, heart, as well as an eye exam performed by a canine ophthalmologist. These tests ensure that the puppies that enter our Guardian homes are the very best puppies we offer. All tests are paid by Majestic Labradoodles.

Each Guardian family also has the benefit of being part of our breeder program and directly being involved in bringing joy to other families all over the world. If you are a TRUE dog lover we encourage you to apply for our Guardian home program

What are the costs?

Guardian families are able to adopt a pick of the litter puppy for a lower price. They are required to ensure normal routine veterinary care and wellness checks. Dogs must be fed high quality dog food, supplement, grooming every 6-8 weeks, annual vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea/tick control, training, and socialization. We want them to be in the very best home we can place them in, so only true dog lovers should apply.

Australian Labradoodle Guardian Breeder program

Most of our Guardian home dogs are females.

Normal breeding career is 4-5 litters depending on the needs of the dog. The breeder must have access to the dog at different times during the period she is in season for appointments, breeding, etc. The dog will remain with the Guardian family until one week prior to the due date.  After that, the Guardian dog will remain with us until the puppies are fully weaned which is usually 4-6 weeks. The Guardian dog will then return to your home following check-up with the vet.

Requirements to becoming a Guardian

You must be a homeowner with a fenced yard Sorry, No underground electronic fencing

Professional grooming every 6 -8 weeks at the desired look required by the breeder

Provide basic dog obedience training

Feed the dog food and supplement recommended by the breeder

We require a monthly photo be sent to us to ensure the development of a happy & healthy dog

Willing to provide transportation of the puppy/dog to us when needed for health testing and breeding

Dogs cannot be left at home alone or crated for more than 4 hours

Annual vaccinations

Dog must be kept inside

Ensure the safety of the dog at all times

If you are interested in our guardian program we encourage you to fill out our adoption application for Guardians below.



    Please Note: Being flexible with preferences may help with a puppy being available sooner for you.

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