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Majestic Labradoodles is currently looking for Labradoodle loving families to be part of our Guardian program. Puppies and adult dogs available. Must live within 1 1/2 hours of Winston Salem, NC.
Kingston 2021
Autumn's Litter

- This Litter is Fully Reserved-

Kingston & Autumn

This will be the second pairing of Kingston and Autumn. We are so excited about the beautiful puppies and colors that will come from this litter. Kingston has amazing colors and will produce Carmel and apricots coats with a lot of white. Autumn is a Apricot color and a parti factor so she will throw even more colors on the coats of this litter.  Both dogs have a wonderful natures that will ensure that these puppies will have the correct temperaments and will be wonderful additions to their new forever homes. The litter should range in the 18-28 lb range. Kinston lives in one of our Guardian homes and receives a lot of love and care. Autumn lives with us in our personal home. Don't miss out on this litter of traditional Australian Labradoodle colors.

Breeding date: Week of 1-22-22
Due Date : Born March 26th, 2022
Go Home: May 21st 2022
Size: Miniature, 18-28 lbs
Colors: Red, Carmel, Apricot and Solids with some white
Fleece coats: Wavy

Kingston 2021
Vivian Australian Labradoodle

-This Litter is Fully Reserved-

Kingston & Vivian(Sadie)

This is truly a pairing that you don't want to miss out on. Vivian is an apricot full Tuxedo and Kingston is a caramel full tuxedo. Both dogs have wonderful markings and a beautiful wavy coat. There will be apricot, caramel, reds, and parti's(solid colors with a lot of white) in this litter. Both dogs have the sweetest temperaments and are very loving and social. Kingson lives in one of our guardian homes with children and loves his two best friends. Vivian lives in a guardian home with another Labradoodle and is known for being super sweet and loving. We cannot wait to see these amazing puppies.

Breeding date: Week of 1-22-22
Due Date : Born April 2nd,  2022
Go Home: May 28th, 2022
Size: Miniature, 20-28 lbs
Colors: Red, Carmel, Apricot, Parti, and Solids with some white
Fleece coats: Wavy

Kingston 2021
Bella Australian labradoodle Breeders

We have two puppies availible in this litter. See our current litter page for more information.

Kingston & Bella

Bella is a smaller 18-20lb White Parti with Apricot spots. She lives with our guardian family in Greensboro, NC where she gets lots of love. She is super social, smart, loves to play, and can't get enough snuggle time with her family. This will be her 1st litter and we are looking forward to her pairing with Kingston. There will be a lot of colors in this litter with Bella being a Parti and Kingston a full Tuxedo. We can't wait to see this loving and kind litter. Reserve your spot today.

Breeding date: 3/4-3/5/2022
Due Date : Born May 4th, 2022
Go Home: Last week of July
Size: Miniature, 18-28 lbs
Colors: Parti(white with Carmel/Apricot spots),Carmel, Apricot, and Solid colors with some white.
Fleece coats: Wavy

Kingston 2021
Labradoodle Breeder

-Currently Taking Reservations for this Litter-

Kingston & Scarlett

This will be Scarlett's first litter. She is a beautiful Carmel/Red color with white markings on her chest and feet. Scarlett is confident, loving, enjoys being with her family. We are excited about the pairing with Kingston which should bring puppies with outstanding Carmel/Red colors and both black or plum colored noses. Both of these dogs will throw white on the puppies making such a beautiful litter. The puppies will be in the mid 20's to low 30 lb range. Scarlett and Kingston are both loving, gentle, and obedient dogs. They each live in two of our guardian homes where they are raised with children. Don't miss out on this colorful litter.

Breeding date:  Late September 2022
Due Date : Early December 2022
Go Home: 8 Weeks After Birth
Size: Miniature, 23-31 lbs
Colors: Red, Carmel, and Solids with some white
Fleece coats: Wavy

Don't miss out on our final reservations for our Summer/Fall 2022 litter's and complete an application today! These puppies will go home in only 4-5 months from now!

Kingston 2021
Australian Labradoodle Breeding

-One Male Puppy Reservation Available-

Kingston & Heidi

This will be our second pairing of these wonderful dogs. See our current litter page for pictures of their first litter. These puppies were stunning. Both Kingston and Heidi are full tuxedo Carmel color with a lot of white markings. Both dogs have wavy coats. This litter will have apricot, caramel and parti colors. The colors in this litter will be amazing due to the spectacular Caramel color and the large amount of white on each of the parents. Heidi is a sweetheart and lives with one of our guardian families in Winston Salem. She is very social, loves attention, loves other dogs, and is super smart. Kingston lives in a guardian home with small children and another dog. He gets a lot of love and attention. Kingston has a fun loving temperament, well mannered, and loves attention. The litter will have wonderful markings and continue to have the correct temperaments that we breed for at MLD. Plan ahead to be part of this pairing.

Breeding date: Mid May 2022
Due Date : Late July 2022
Go Home: 8 Weeks After Birth
Size: Miniature, 18-28 lbs
Colors: Red, Carmel, apricot, and Colors with White
Fleece coats: Wavy

The timing of a heat cycle may not occur as predicted. Our anticipated litters are based on our females having a normal heat cycle once every seven months.
It may be necessary to use a different stud than originally planned due to the unavailability of a stud or other unforeseen reasons related to the original pairing.
A breeding may not produce a pregnancy even when we do everything possible to make it happen as planned.
A breeding may produce fewer puppies than anticipated, which would necessitate us moving deposits on our waiting list to another litter.
Majestic Labradoodles reserves the right to retain any puppy from any litter for future breeding purposes.

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